Which Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On? (And Why!)

By Chris Moore •  Updated on 05/12/22

There are a lot of golfers who don’t know which hand they should wear their golf glove on.

Believe it or not, there is a correct answer to this question!

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of wearing a golf glove on each hand, and which hand you should be wearing it on.

Which hand should you wear your glove on?

The golf glove is supposed to be worn on your non-dominant hand which is also known as your front hand (hand towards where you’re aiming).

Wearing a golf glove on your dominant hand can actually impair your ability to swing the club properly.

For example, if you’re right-handed and use a right-handed club, then you should wear your glove on your left hand (your non-dominant hand).

You wear it on this hand so that you can have the maximum amount of feel from your dominant hand while maximizing the grip on your non-dominant hand.

Using this setup gives you the best of both worlds, which is why most professionals use it as well!

How to find the perfect glove for you

Now that we know which hand you should wear a glove on, you want to find the perfect golf glove for your hand.

While most golfers go to their local sporting goods store and purchase the first glove they see, this is not the best way to find a golf glove that will fit you correctly!

In order for a golf glove to fit you properly, it needs to be tight enough so that it doesn’t move around on your hand, but also loose enough so you aren’t restricted with your hand movements and it’s comfortable.

Most sporting goods stores sell a wide variety of golf gloves, which is great because you can try them on and see which fits the best.

I would recommend going to a store that has many different brands and trying on as many gloves as possible, then making a choice on what’s comfortable.

If you are buying a glove online, then I suggest using measuring charts and reading the product reviews to find a good fit!

Are there different gloves for different weather conditions?

There are a few other types of golf gloves aside from your standard soft leather gloves which you may want to consider.

Synthetic Golf Gloves

Synthetic golf gloves are usually made with a nylon material which is great for wet or hot weather conditions.

They can be water-resistant and will help you grip the club when your hands get sweaty!

Hybrid Golf Gloves

Hybrid golf gloves are a combination of leather and synthetic materials which can be worn in both wet or dry weather conditions.

They are usually more expensive than standard golf gloves but provide the best grip performance for any condition you encounter!

Winter Golf Gloves

Winter golf gloves are made with a thicker material which will help keep your hands warm in cold weather conditions.

These types of gloves may not be as comfortable or flexible, but if you’re in a cold area, it’s nice to have these for the colder rounds.

How to take care of your golf glove

Cleaning your golf glove is similar to cleaning your golf clubs, but using a different cleaning agent.

You want it clean, soft and in good condition so that way when you put on the next round with it, it feels like brand new!

I would suggest using some baby wipes to clean off any dirt which may be on your glove, then moisturizing it so that the leather doesn’t dry out.

You can use a product that is specifically made for leather gloves or something as simple as olive oil which will work just fine.

And I’d always recommend keeping your golf glove in its separate compartment in your golf bag so that it doesn’t get messed up or wear out faster.

Final thoughts

Now that you know which hand to wear your golf glove on, as well as which gloves are best for different weather conditions, it’s time to get out there and try them!

Remember, the most important thing is finding a glove that feels comfortable and fits you correctly.

Once you find that perfect match, you’ll be able to grip the club better and swing with full confidence.

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