Golf Ball Size (Everything You Need To Know!)

By Chris Moore •  Updated on 02/28/22

While each golf manufacturer has its own golf balls they sell with different features, there are strict regulations on the size and weight of the golf ball.

In this article, we’ll cover everything the standard golf ball size, the history of golf ball size, and the different types of golf balls you’ll find on the market.

Are all golf balls the same size?

Yes. Nowadays, all golf balls are made to be the same size. This is due to advancements in golf ball manufacturing processes and materials that have been developed over time.

Additionally, there are regulations making it so these are the only size golf balls that are legal for use in tournament play, and the only size that can be sold in stores.

So while you may find an old golf ball on the course that’s not the same size, they’re becoming rarer and rarer each year.

What is the standard golf ball size?

According to the USGA official rules, the standard golf ball size is 1.68 inches (42.67 mm) in diameter.

History of golf ball size, rules, and regulations

Prior to 1990, there weren’t strict guidelines as to what size golf balls can be used; the only restriction was the minimum size. The USGA had a minimum size of 1.68 inches, while the R&A had a minimum size of 1.62 inches.

And in 1990, the USGA changed the regulation to make golf balls be the same size – this is also when golf manufacturers began developing golf balls that were all made to be the same size.

These restrictions, which haven’t changed since implementation, are the golf ball diameter can be no less than 1.68 inches, and the weight can be no more than 1.62 oz.

In addition, there are other restrictions such as velocity, symmetry, and distance to ensure everyone is on a somewhat level playing field!

Difference Between the British and American Golf Ball

Before the rule change in 1990, British golf balls were smaller than American golf balls.

So when American golfers went over to play majors like the British Open, the oldest golf tournament, they were allowed to play with the smaller ball.

Some of the most successful golfers, like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, used the smaller balls when the opportunity arose.

Tournaments in America were played with the 1.68″ diameter ball, while the British Open allowed golfers to use the smaller, 1.62″ diameter ball adding a whole new dynamic to the sport.

Fast forward to today, and they’re all playing with the standard-size ball!

What types of golf balls are there?

Two-piece golf ball

A two-piece golf ball has two components: the inner core and the outer cover. The golf ball will have a dimple pattern, which is designed to give it more distance on average than three-piece golf balls.

Generally speaking, this is the cheapest option on the market.

Three-piece golf ball

A three-piece golf ball like Kirkland sells has three components: the inner golf ball, a layer of rubber in between, and an outer cover. The golf ball has a dimple pattern to help give it more feel on average than two-piece golf balls.

This is a nice middle-of-the-road option for most golfers.

Multi-layer golf ball

A multi-layer golf ball is the most expensive golf ball and has four or more components. These golf balls are designed to give the golfer all of their performance needs in one golf ball and can be made with different compression levels depending on each player’s preference.

This is for golfers who understand they want a top-of-the-line golf ball that will meet all of their needs!


As a golfer, there’s a lot you need to worry about, but golf ball size shouldn’t be one of them.

Since the regulations and standards have made golf balls be the same size, golfers can rest assured that no matter what golf ball they buy, it will measure out to 1.68 inches (or 42.67 mm) in diameter, and weigh at most 1.62 ounces (or 45.93 grams!)

Even when a brand new golf ball is put on the market, it still needs to comply with these regulations.

Golfers should feel confident that they’re playing with the same size golf ball as everyone else on the course, because they are.

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