About Us

Welcome to Golfah, a website dedicated to helping beginner and amateur golfers improve their game.

As an avid golfer since 2010, I wanted to give back and share everything I’ve learned over the years!

You can think of this site as the ultimate resource to help you become a better golfer, with a free library of tips, guides, and how-to’s.

I’m dedicated to staying up to date with the newest equipment and trends to serve you however possible.

About the Owner

Hey there, I’m Chris Moore! Since I was a kid, I was always playing sports. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, or baseball, I wanted to play and do well.

Eventually, my father introduced me to golf which is where I found my favorite sport. We’ve played tons of rounds together and always have a great time.

This is a passion project where I can share everything about the sport I love, golf, with similar-minded people and hopefully help a few throughout!

Fun fact: I’ve played a lot of different courses in the United States, but hands down, the coolest golf course I’ve played was The Castle Course at St. Andrews!